Monday, January 30, 2006

Most blessed Mother

Dear Wretches,
I pray that each of you is persevering with our novena to our most blessed Mother. Even though it is still the beginning days, I offer my encouragement knowing that the smallest endeavors can make the most life changing reactions. In my own life, Mary has played a crucial role in my journey toward holiness despite my very wretched state and I am comforted by her presence during this tumultuous battle on earth. Our prayers and intentions will be lovingly heard and so I leave you with this excerpt from True Devotion to Mary,

“She is so full of love that no one who asks for her intercession is rejected, no matter how sinful he may be. The saints say that it has never been known since the world began that anyone had recourse to our Blessed Lady, with trust and perseverance, and was rejected. Her power is so great that her prayers are never refused. She has but to appear in prayer before her Son and he at once welcomes her and grants her requests. The prayers of the dear Mother who bore him and nourished him always lovingly conquer him.”


grassykait said...

Dawnie, thank you for the encouragement. a perfect additive for our monday.

earthie said...

Amen. Mama help us!

+ Light + said...

Woooo! Beautiful! Love us all the way home, Mary! "If you knew how much I love you you'd cry of joy" - Our Lady of Medjugorje, Queen of Peace