Wednesday, January 18, 2006


Greetings dear wretchlets! What a great site, Mother Earth! Let's all connect around the world! It was such a blessing to visit the beginnings of all sisterly wretchedness in D.C. this past weekend and meet several of you! My heart is full of joy at the wonders God is working in our lives! And praises to Him for the rampant extension of the sorority across the nation and the oceans too!!
I just wanted to share with you a high
light from my day that comes from the 'Call to Faith' textbook I use in class with 6th graders for faith formation. Its straight-forwardness, simple yet profound, resounded in my soul and caused me to exalt the Lord! "As often happens today, many people in Jesus' day equated happiness with trouble-free lives, security, and wealth. Jesus calls you to a form of happiness that is greater than any happiness that material things can give. To help you follow this path of holiness, the Holy Spirit empowers you with a willing heart, self-discipline, the strength to pray, and the courage to keep your eyes focused on God." Amen!!
WoW - What a God of faithfulness and generosity have we! Glorify Him! y'all in my prayers!

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