Thursday, January 19, 2006

Albacete is the Man

Read the whole article by Msgr. Albacete here on Godspy

When Fr. Luigi Giussani was asked whether he was not anguished to see the small number of faithful Catholics in certain areas of public life, he replied as follows:

"Certainly, the pain is great. However, the certainty that Christ is the answer to all the problems of human life brings me tranquility. Christ, who is alive in the present, allows the creation of a relationship with people which, without judgments of any kind, involves you in relationships with men and women that engages them with the proposal that nourishes your life. Men and women will come together for this. A different climate emerges in the social atmosphere. The pastoral concerns for recovering lost ground and such things end up by treating the Church as an organization, agency, office, or even political party. But the Church is mystery... We must only be concerned about announcing Christ, so as to bring together men and women in the name of Christ and confront history together with them. A great network of relationships is born from this, and its 'successes' or human failures are in the hands of the Father. Let God sort it out Himself. It is not for us to judge if someone does or does not respond to the call of Christ. We must simply exalt the Church" (II Sabah), August 9, 1988).

This is also a great line: "I see what you see, but I see more," Father Giussani said.

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