Friday, January 06, 2006

Danielle Rose

Last night was such an amazing experience. Catholic singer and songwriter Danielle Rose gave an informal concert at a friend's house for about 25 young adults in the area. She was incredible. It was almost like being in heaven, the Holy Spirit was present, each song was a prayer, and I felt so encouraged and challenged to live better.

Danielle shared with us the songs she is working on for her next album about Mother Teresa. I am trying to hold on to them in my head so that I can sing them as reflections in prayer. Mother's words, prayers the Missionaries of Charity pray each day, the litany of humility, the Memorare, all set to music. I cannot wait until that CD comes out and I can pray in that way. Danielle is really special, God loves her so much and has shown it in extravagent ways. She is humble and authentic, and we loved it so much that Spring and I are going to her real concert tonight too.

Check out Danielle's website


lamuljo said...
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lamuljo said...

ya, so i just stumbled upon your blog. I think you're the wretch i was talking to about CL with deb. And as i couldnt write down your email...and i cant seem to figure out if i can just email you thru this blog, i'm posting this comment. So write me back if you still wanted those cl pics. It was great meeting you. Peace and goodness.

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