Friday, January 27, 2006

54-day Rosary Novena

I'm sorry I didn't get this posted on time! I'm such a wretch.

The wretches began a 54-day rosary novena yesterday, January 26th. It will end on the feast of St. Joseph, which this year is celebrated on March 20th. Feel free to jump on board!! It is a wonderful opportunity to join together in common prayer, and encourage one another in making time for prayer.

Sr. Spice has a unique way of praying with us, and for anyone who is struggling with doing a whole rosary, I encourage you to try this out!

Every day for the first week, meditate on the first mystery of the rosary. (Sun, Glorious/ Mon, Joyful/ Tues, Sorrowful/ Weds, Glorious/ Thurs, Luminous/ Fri, sorrowful/ Sat, Joyful) Pray that mystery in the morning, and meditate on that one mystery the whole day long. The second week, take the 2nd mystery, and so on. On the last week, say the whole rosary. Beautiful!!

Then, 9 days before March 20th, we'll start our annual "real" novena to St. Joe. More to come on that one :)

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Devin Rose said...

Whoa, girls who pray Rosary novenas and coincide them with novenas to St. Joseph: That's what I call cool!