Thursday, November 30, 2006

St. Teresa Benedicta of the Cross:

"If up to now, a person has been more or less contented with himself, the time for that is over. He will do what he can to change the unpleasant things he finds in himself, but he will discover quite a bit that can't be called beautiful and yet will be nearly impossible to change. As a reult, he will slowly become small and humble, increasingly patient and tolerant towards the specks in his brothers' eyes, now that he has so much trouble with the beam in his own. Eventually, he'll be able to look at himself in the unblinking light of the divine Presence, and learn to entrust himself to the power of the divine mercy."

First confession with possible new confessor in T-minus 30 minutes!

Tuesday, November 28, 2006

I heart Southwest

Did I tell you that I wrote a thank you note to Southwest after flying back from Kansas City? I had been so impressed with the pilots (i.e. the take-off, ride, and landing were the best I'd ever experienced, and they made friendly announcements) that I just sent it off.

I got a letter back!

Dear (me):

I welcome this privilege to reply to your thoughtful compliment, and I could not be more pleased that (pilot 1) and (pilot 2)'s efforts made a positive difference. It is clear that they are outstanding Pilots, and it is also evident that they relish the opportunity to serve others. I am thrilled that (P1) and (P2) impressed you with their skill and expertise, and I will gladly share your kind words with them.

Often when I respond to a Customer letter, I wonder whether the Customer believes that I really read his or her commendation. Well, Ms. (me), I certainly have read yours! I sincerely hope you will continue to check Southwest first when you need to travel to a city we serve. (smily face)

Thank you for sharing your thoughts with us, and here's hoping we'll see you onboard one of our LUV jets again soon!

Tim Spaight

I love good human organizations :)

Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Benedict XVI Address in Verona

To the Fourth National Convention of the Church in Italy

"His Resurrection, therefore, has been like an explosion of light, an explosion of love that melts the chains of sin and death. It inaugurated a new dimension of life and reality, from which the new world comes forth, that continuously penetrates our world, transforming it and drawing it to himself.

All of this concretely happens through the life and witness of the Church; rather, the Church herself constitutes the first fruits of this transformation, which is God’s work and not ours. It comes to us through faith and the Sacrament of Baptism, which is really death and resurrection, rebirth, transformation to a new life. It is what St Paul reveals in the Letter to the Galatians: “It is no longer I who live, but Christ who lives in me” (2: 20). Hence, the essential identity of my life is changed through Baptism, and I continue to exist only in this changed state.

"My own self is taken away and I am filled with a new and greater subject, in which my “I” is still there but transformed, purified, “open” through the insertion into the Other, who acquires new space in my existence. Thus, we become “one in Christ” (Gal 3: 28), a unique new subject, and our “I” is freed from its isolation.

“I, but no longer I”: this is the formula of Christian existence established in Baptism, the formula of the resurrection in time, the formula of the Christian “novelty” called to transform the world.

"Here lies our Paschal joy. Our vocation and our Christian duty consist in cooperating so that they reach effective fulfilment in the daily reality of our life, what the Holy Spirit accomplishes in us with Baptism. In fact, we are called to become new women and men, to be able to be true witnesses of the Risen One and thus bearers of Christian joy and hope in the world, concretely in that community of men and women in which we live."

We are reading this address in CL right now. As always, Benedict is clear and challenging. And also as always, Fr. Antonio is full of insight about this particular passage where I had questions. He said (paraphrasing) "I do not think of this new self as not making mistakes; rather it is that He is with me. My life is defined by my relationship with Him. Even when I make mistakes, He is there and gives me mercy. He accompanies me always..." And, "But I would not have known this if someone had not been there showing it to me; showing me how to live. If someone had not been a father to me, if I did not encounter this reality being lived out."

So once again I am prompted to give thanks for the wretches and other friends in whom I see His Life lived out today, without whom I could not believe in the Risen Lord!

Monday, November 13, 2006

Thursday, November 09, 2006

A (not really) Wretched Wedding! Updated!

Our wretched sister Fall was married this Saturday, November 11th at 5:30pm to Eric Ruby! Pray for them!

Monday, November 06, 2006

Doggy Lessons

I am a cat person.
My roommate got a dog. Look at what he did to his stuffed animal! How ridiculous. But I am getting used to him and his jumpy, slobbery, smelly-breath ways. My roommate is his mama, but I will do if she's not around. I'm also realizing the truth that Alton said: pets teach selfish people to sacrifice for another living creature... shoot I'm super selfish because it is really hard to take this dog out when I come home from work (I get home before my roommate does) especially because I will grumble the whole time, "I never wanted a dog! I didn't ask for this!"
Last night, I was reeeally frustrated with the dog. He got a small, thin piece of cardboard in his mouth and was going to eat it. I did not want him to eat it. I said, "Abner! DROP IT!" and he held on to that thing like it was the last thing he would ever eat. I could not get him to let go no matter what I did, and I didn't want to hurt his teeth... but I got more and more angry and yelled at him, all to no avail. I pulled on it and he just set his jaw and would not open it for anything. I couldn't believe I was in such a ridiculous power struggle with a dog, especially when what he wanted was harmful to him. (not that harmful, granted) He just wouldn't let go even though I'm smarter than him, bigger than him, and love him (well, a little ;)
I related this to Sr. Morning and she said, "I bet that's how Jesus feels with us sometimes. Let go! Trust me..."
Nice connection, girl.

Thursday, November 02, 2006

Oh Oh Oh!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Last year's Homily at the Dominican House of Studies Vigil of All Saints was INCREDIBLE. I was reminded of it when I went this year. It is one of my favorite liturgies of the year; the Litany at the end is just so powerful. (This year's was good too!)

My favorite part was the "genealogy of the family of God" in which he talked about all the saint who knew each other or were friends. It reminds me of the wretches, how we should all be inspired by one another to greater holiness.

"God sanctified the Virgin Mary at her conception to be the Mother of Christ and His Church. St. Joseph taught Jesus carpentry. Jesus called the Apostles who became saints. St. Stephen prayed for St. Paul’s conversion as Paul was stoning him. St. Athanasius knew St. Anthony of the Desert and became his biographer. St. Augustine’s conversion was a result of the prayers of his mother, St. Monica and the preaching of St. Ambrose. When he grew older he corresponded with St. Jerome. In the east we see that luminous constellation known as the Cappadocians. St. Gregory of Nyssa was the brother of St. Basil the Great, St. Macrina was their sister and St. Gregory Nanzianzus was their friend. St. Sixtus ordained St, Lawrence. St. Benedict and St. Scholastica were twins. Sts Cosmas and Damian were brothers. That strange and seemingly lonely figure of Syria St. Simeon the Stylite who lived on top of a column in the desert, preaching, praying, and healing once sent a letter to St. Genevieve who became the patron saint of Paris. Sts Francis and Clare were friends. St. Dominic’s mother is Bl. Jane and his brother is Bl. Mannes. Bl. Jordan of Saxony knew St. Dominic and later brought St. Albert the Great into the order, St. Albert in turn was the teacher of St. Thomas Aquinas. St Catherine of Siena worked with Bl Raymond of Capua. St. Antoninus knew Blessed Fra Angelico. St. Philip Neri knew St. Ignatius of Loyola, the Capuchin St. Felix Cantalice, the Cardinal St. Charles Borromeo, the Pope St. Pius V, St. Camillus de Lellis, and corresponded with St. Catherine De Ricci and he knew even more saints than these. St. Teresa of Avila was friends with St. John of the Cross. St. Martin de Porres knew St. Rose and St. Juan Macias. Rose and Martin were confirmed by the bishop St. Turibius. St. Francis de Sales and St. Jeanne de Chantal collaborated together and they were friends with St. Vincent de Paul and St. Louise De Marilac. St. John Vianney called his friend St. Pierre Julian Eymard the “Holiest man in France”. St. John Bosco worked with St. Maria Mazarello to assist orphans. Blessed Francisco and Blessed Jacinta the Fatima visionaries were brother and sister. Bl. Maria and Bl. Luigi Quatrocchi were married to each other. Bl. Mother Theresa and Bl. Jan Tyranowski were friends of Pope John Paul the Second and we all knew John Paul the Second."