Monday, June 11, 2007

Un beluh ble

Letter to the Editor in the April 25th Washington Post:

"Where is the outrage over the Supreme Court decision banning intact dilation and evacuation? Why aren't women screaming in anger in the streets?
This decision by five male Supreme Court justices doesn't really mean anything about abortion rights. What it means is that women are less important than the fetuses they carry. To these justices, women are passive vessels for bearing the next generation.
I am a woman and a human, worth infinitely more than what the highest court in the land has deemed me to be: a semi-sentient being meant for bearing young and little else."
Lord have mercy. I'm a woman too, and I don't think there is anything "worth infinitely more" than bearing new life. I am blown away by her use of language there. Infinitely more. I just don't know about this world sometimes.

Friday, June 08, 2007

Happy Retirement, Sr. Fire!

Tonight we celebrate the happy retirement of our Sister Fire, who is leaving her nursing career after a long and dedicated 9 months; which was just the right amount of time for her calling to gestate, apparently! Our Firey gal will join one of her (biological) sisters and one of her wretched sisters (Rain) in the Sisters of Life this September. I couldn't find a good picture in my computer to post! We'll have to take care of that tonight.

Me and DC will miss you big time!!!!!!!!!!

Tuesday, June 05, 2007

Benedict reading my mind

So far, as I'm reading Jesus of Nazareth, the Pope has touched on lots of things that I have always wondered. For example, what does it mean when Jesus says that He speaks in parables so that others 'may see and yet not see, hear and yet not understand, unless they turn and God will forgive them'? Seems kine mean...

"Prophets fail: Their message goes too much against the general opinion and the comfortable habits of life. It is only through failure that their word becomes efficacious... Above all, it is also again and again the destiny of Jesus Christ: He ends up on the Cross. But that very Cross is the source of great fruitfulness." (p.189)

Or why do they call it the story of the Prodigal Son when really there's a lot more going on?

"In reality, though, the parable has three protagonists... the most accurate designation would be the parable of the two brothers." (p. 202)

Keep it coming!

Monday, June 04, 2007

Help Wanted

WANTED: Professional Schedular for wretch

Scheduler will determine calendar and minute-to-minute activities of said wretch. He/She will pay particular attention to evenings and weekends, though helping the wretch know what to do during 8 hours at work when she has been given nothing to do will also be essential. Scheduler will learn to balance personal life/ friends and giving of self to the poor, as wretch will, without fail, drop the latter for the former if not. In fact, if scheduler could keep constantly reminding wretch of poor, would be helpful. Scheduler will also balance physical activity with resting-physical, musical with non-musical, baby with not-baby and silly with not-AS-silly. Scheduler will monitor wretch's prayer, books, movies and food intake. He/She will accurately estimate amount of time things like laundry take and plan accordingly. Scheduler will ensure that only for very important reasons (illness, por ejemplo) will wretch sit with roommate for hours watching House then Anne of Avonlea. He/She will make all travel arrangements to/from the weddings and/or vows and/or needed vacation weekends of summer '07. He/She will also find wretch a place to live and make sure wretch is prepared well for classes in August. Will also take account of liturgical seasons and feast days. Scheduler will do all these things willingly and happily.

PAY: None

BENEFITS: Of the baked variety