Wednesday, April 04, 2007

Spy Wednesday

Remembering the story about St. Philip Neri, before he left on a journey, going up to the tabernacle, knocking on it and saying "Don't trust me; There's a traitor in me"...

I posted it last year- April 13 in the archives.

Something to ponder once again as we hear today how Judas betrays Love Himself. Oh Jesus, may I be open to receiving your love and not turning away! Set me free from that impulse to betray and help me to be true.

Monday, April 02, 2007

Happy (Future) Feast Day

Today marks the 2nd Anniversary of John Paul II's death.
I'm sure I speak for most of the wretches when I say that we miss you! But we are glad that you can know us now, in a way that you couldn't on earth.
Sr. Tulip actually got her name because we were laying in the grass while the tulips were blooming at the Franciscan Monastery, looking up at the clouds and praying, asking for you to pray for us and telling you silly things and laughing. A friend suggested the following for commemorating you, noting that you personified love, embraced life and upheld human dignity:
Rosary and Marian pilgrimages
Being understanding and compassionate, as well as a flexibility in dealing with imperfection
Appreciating the drama of real life
Generally smiling a lot, hopefulness
I think it would be great to read your plays as well. And sing, I bet you loved singing. And hiking. So many options!

Hoops & YoYo

They make me laugh a lot.
This one is on planners!

Please pray that I find my car keys. St. Anthony pray for us!

Palm Sunday

You've gotta love being Catholic when you look at these photos!