Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Update on Trappist wisdom

I was not able to post after my retreat because work was so crazy. We had a big event on Saturday, which went amazingly well. I'm a big fan of Archbishop Wuerl so far... good thing, since he's an Apostle and all (hello, earth)

The greatest thing about the Trappists: They are not in a hurry. For anything. I stepped into a whole different concept of time and I loved it; It's so much more human than the pace of life in the city. The ancient monk who was the retreat master and available to the 12 of us, almost all perfect strangers, just really impressed me with how peaceful he was and how his parting words were not to rush anything. It was totally the attitude I need about all these things bouncing around in my head. Relax. Since when were you ever in control? The Holy Spirit knows what He is doing. As I told our Sister Flowers, who is waiting to become a Poor Clare, she might have to save me a room next door :)

The HS also made sure to keep humility the lesson of the weekend. Nothing like finding yourself in a cloister of a monastery where a woman is most certainly NOT SUPPOSED TO BE at 5:30 in the morning for making you really embarrassed and praying "Please let me find my way out or send someone to find me!"

One other quick note I mentioned to Sr. Wave. The darkness of the country is altogether different from that of the city. You can feel the immenseness of the world and your own littleness... you can actually see the stars and not 10 feet in front of you. No wonder people in the city can avoid wondering about the Infinite; they have lost such an obvious manifestation of it thanks to bright lights and pollution. I'm so thankful to have had beautiful clear nights there.

And did I mention that the cows were AWESOME? They made me smile all day with their incessant moo-ing.

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