Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Consolation, desolation, love and friends

During the very first novena in which the wretches were born, Marie, Kathleen and I were all struck by the line that directed us "in consolation, prepare for desolation." Store it up, pray a lot now, because you will need it!

I think of that now because of a few friends who are going through very hard times. The Lord in His wisdom ensures that we don't all hit that low point at once, because we can carry one another only if one of us can walk. (Ok, He'll carry us no matter what, I'm just sayin.) I'm thankful to be on the "good end" of this deal at the moment, but I promise that although I'm wretched, I will take seriously the responsibility of prayer for all of those intentions.

I wrote something to Sr. Wind once that is applicable:
I love you all so much, I know that God must exist. That all this is Reality.

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