Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Mary and Eve

Some of you may know about this question I had regarding Mary as the new Eve. I wondered if Mary didn't have to be tempted before the Annunciation; i.e. if Eve faced the devil in the garden, would Mary have a ticket out of that temptation? If Eve was asked to be the mother of God, wouldn't she have said yes too?

I'm sure some of you are way ahead of me and see an answer, which until I was quickly reading through a paper (Ryan's, from his site) did not come to me. Christ, as the new Adam, has already conquered the devil. Since Mary receives the grace of the Immaculate Conception with a view to what is won on the Cross, it is Christ's victory that preserves her from that ickiness of original sin as well as a trial like Eve's... wait is that true? I'm just thinking here... correct me if I'm getting heretical... but this seems to make sense in my head...

A frequent question when we studied Genesis was "Where was Adam when the serpent approached Eve?"; He must have been nearby since Eve passes the fruit to him right after eating it. Eve was not protected by Adam from this attack and deceit. Mary, on the contrary, is already protected by the blood of the Lamb; Christ, the new Adam, does not leave us unprotected; He stands in front of his Bride the Church, accepting the consequences of Adam's sin, and tells the devil to take a hike. As the Church was born from His side, and we are born of Him in Baptism... wait I'm just confusing myself... because how come we can't all be preserved from it?

Why do we sin again? ;)

Because, as Fr. Antonio says, there's nothin we love so much as our own sin.

ewww! And yet, so true. Because we wouldn't do it otherwise! Sorry for the unclear and rambling post- please tell me if you have an answer of some sort.

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