Tuesday, March 14, 2006

Wretchedness at it's best

As I was laying in bed last night, mentally going through my day and all of it's moments of grace, those embraced and those that I miserably failed at, I had this feeling that I forgot something. I started doing an examine of anything and everything I could think of. Work, nope. Family stuff, nope. House duties, nope. School, definitely not because I've already graduated! And then I remembered....I forgot to start the Novena to St. Joseph on Sunday! I just crumbled and thought, "How truly wretched am I that I forgot the Wretches patron saint's novena!?!?!" Then I had a thought of small consolation, I'm definitely in the right group as we are aptly named wretched. So yours truly both fulfilled the main requirement of being wretched and failed at the only thing we have to do, say a novena to St. Joseph. I pray in thanksgiving for all the Wretches that started praying on Sunday and for a fire to be lit under all the other Wretches, who like me, were delinquent in our only commitment to this beautiful community.

St. Joseph, Guardian of the Word Incarnate, pray for me your wretched daughter.

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windy82 said...

Oh Sister Dawn, how beautiful it is that when we falter we know that one of our beautiful sisters ?!?!?! St. Joseph pray for all of us to enter more lovingly and purely into this novena.