Monday, March 27, 2006

Faith Like a Child

I was sitting in my usual spot in the chapel of Our Lady of Sorrows after Mass this past Sunday at the Basilica and God revealed Himself in the most humble (and adorable) way! Many pilgrims were coming in to pray with our Lady in front of the statue of the Pieta, but one incidence stands out the most to me. A little Korean girl no more than 3 years old had been particularly “energetic” during Mass and continued exploring this vast new territory of our Lady after it concluded. I heard the pitter-patter of her feet coming near the chapel and then right into it next to me. She literally came to a dead halt right in front of the statue and stood mesmerized by Mary holding the limp body of our Crucified Lord. Her mom could be heard from down the way calling out her name and finally she entered this chapel, saw her daughter and beckoned her to return to her side. But the little girl stood planted there as if time and space ceased to exist and it was just her, our Lady and Jesus. Her mom tugged and pulled her jacket for her to follow but she wouldn’t budge. Finally getting impatient, mom picked up the girl and the little one began to cry as she was being taken away. Not one minute later the sound of tiny feet were heading back to the statue and the little girl stood there once again, enthralled by the mysteries contained within this sight. She then looked at me and then back at Jesus, pointed and said “LOVE!” My heart melted and I prayed for her child-like faith to permeate my heart so that I too could see what she saw with those big, pure eyes. I wish her mom had seen what I had seen and then I don’t think she would have pulled this precious child away from her Savior again, but the three year old was content after this final visit to leave.



earthie said...

That is so beautiful!!! Wow, you've been having quite a week dawn!!

Amy said...

That's so awesome! Kids rock.