Thursday, March 02, 2006

Worthy of a Conversation

This is the new catch phrase around, started by Wave but very contagious. Use it whenever there is something that seems a bit off or reveals something deeper or may be true but only in a qualified sense.

For example, the terrible song that goes, "My faith in Youuuu, is only a shadow of Your faith in meeeee."

Now that's worthy of a conversation.

It's Bishop's Lenten Appeal time. We know, we get it, the diocese needs funds to function. They get the funds from us, at this time. Ok. Got it.

On Sunday, our angelic pastor sat down and played, per his request, the bishop's message as the homily. This was done at every parish in the diocese. So we sat there listening to a recording of our bishop asking for our support. Our shepherd in the faith. Our father. Sent a recording.

Um. THAT is worthy of a conversation.

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Devin Rose said...

This same thing happens with variations in my diocese, and the problem I see with it is that people only give "their" money as a tithe to the Church when they have the deep conversion to realize that all their money is really God's money that they have been given to steward. So the people who have undergone this conversion give to this appeal, and those who have not, do not give to it. The banal mode in which the appeal is delivered does nothing to help these people open more to God's grace and become more deeply converted, so it's just blah.