Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Here we go

From the Women's stories project:

Thoughts on the Personal Essay
• In the personal essay, there is no universal truth, only personal truth.
• The personae with which you write is a little bit bold, a little presumptuous.
• Yet it’s the form most available for people who are clueless.
• You start with “this is what I think” and you move somewhere.
• The strongest thing in this form is the antithesis—the point in the essay where you try to speak from the opposite of what you think and belive. Often its in that dialectic that the insight comes. If it’s really an essay, you need to wrestle with ideas.

Regardless of our access to power in our tradition, giving one another a forum from which to name our realities is a first step in doing feminist theology. Further, it is a way of building community. What are our needs as young women with experiences of Catholicism?

I don't think they believe in universal truth in the first place, but okay. And that last part- oy. I'm sending mine in today- have you done yours yet? :)


Paul said...

What is "Feminist Theology?" The term sounds problematic (much like I would have a gut level ojection to "Masculist Theology".

earthie said...

It's pretty much what it sounds like. The most basic way to frame the problem is that "feminist theology" misunderstands the nature of the Christian event by seeing the hierarchy as primarily positions of "power"- thus women are disenfranchised and silenced and should struggle for their rights. Now, what they'd think of it once they realize that the priesthood is meant to be a crucifixion is yet to be seen.

Danielle said...

Hello ladies,

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