Thursday, March 22, 2007

Birthday cake

Sara and Jamie are in the kitchen. Sara is wearing an apron.
Time is approximately 10:56 p.m.

The two women are peering into the mixer.

Jamie: It says it should be light and fluffy. Does it look light and fluffy?
Sara: It's liquid.
Jamie: Liquid?!?!
Sara: Yes, liquid. Is that bad?
Jamie: Well...

Sara holds the recipe in her left hand, and a little thing with 3 egg yolks in it in her right. She scrutinizes the recipe, searching for where it has led her astray.

Sara: I mean, it is a lot of liquid. It SAYS, "3 whole eggs and 3 egg yolks"


Sara and Jamie erupt into laughter.

Jamie: You put in the whites?!?!

Pause; Sara, while still laughing, looks straight at the 3 eggs yolks in her hand.

Jamie: Just throw them in!

Sara throws them in, then promply walks to the dining room to collapse on the floor laughing.
Jamie takes over the baking process.

Cut to 60 minutes later.

Sara opens the oven.

Jamie (from the bathroom): How does it look?
Sara: Um... liquid.
Jamie; WHAT?

Sara and Jamie take paper towels to the sides of the "cake" and soak up a lot of oil that is bubbling on the surface.

Jamie: well... put it in for a little longer.

And thus ends the story of "Melissa's Birthday Pound Cake"

Written for Sr. Morning to explain why her sister may not have much of a cake.

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