Tuesday, November 28, 2006

I heart Southwest

Did I tell you that I wrote a thank you note to Southwest after flying back from Kansas City? I had been so impressed with the pilots (i.e. the take-off, ride, and landing were the best I'd ever experienced, and they made friendly announcements) that I just sent it off.

I got a letter back!

Dear (me):

I welcome this privilege to reply to your thoughtful compliment, and I could not be more pleased that (pilot 1) and (pilot 2)'s efforts made a positive difference. It is clear that they are outstanding Pilots, and it is also evident that they relish the opportunity to serve others. I am thrilled that (P1) and (P2) impressed you with their skill and expertise, and I will gladly share your kind words with them.

Often when I respond to a Customer letter, I wonder whether the Customer believes that I really read his or her commendation. Well, Ms. (me), I certainly have read yours! I sincerely hope you will continue to check Southwest first when you need to travel to a city we serve. (smily face)

Thank you for sharing your thoughts with us, and here's hoping we'll see you onboard one of our LUV jets again soon!

Tim Spaight

I love good human organizations :)


Mary Poppins NOT said...

Glad to hear this. I Don't Like Flying, but occasionally have no choice, so I'll check this company out first.


beatdrp said...

Human orginizations are the best kind!