Monday, November 06, 2006

Doggy Lessons

I am a cat person.
My roommate got a dog. Look at what he did to his stuffed animal! How ridiculous. But I am getting used to him and his jumpy, slobbery, smelly-breath ways. My roommate is his mama, but I will do if she's not around. I'm also realizing the truth that Alton said: pets teach selfish people to sacrifice for another living creature... shoot I'm super selfish because it is really hard to take this dog out when I come home from work (I get home before my roommate does) especially because I will grumble the whole time, "I never wanted a dog! I didn't ask for this!"
Last night, I was reeeally frustrated with the dog. He got a small, thin piece of cardboard in his mouth and was going to eat it. I did not want him to eat it. I said, "Abner! DROP IT!" and he held on to that thing like it was the last thing he would ever eat. I could not get him to let go no matter what I did, and I didn't want to hurt his teeth... but I got more and more angry and yelled at him, all to no avail. I pulled on it and he just set his jaw and would not open it for anything. I couldn't believe I was in such a ridiculous power struggle with a dog, especially when what he wanted was harmful to him. (not that harmful, granted) He just wouldn't let go even though I'm smarter than him, bigger than him, and love him (well, a little ;)
I related this to Sr. Morning and she said, "I bet that's how Jesus feels with us sometimes. Let go! Trust me..."
Nice connection, girl.

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