Thursday, May 04, 2006

One More Day

Tomorrow is my last day of work at the good ol' Conference. Which pretty much means it will be my last day as a somewhat regular blogger.

Thanks for reading! Maybe the other wretches will "take over" more, or maybe this site will just become a memorial of my wonderful two years here. I do not know what the future holds... I hope to teach high school, because I just think all this stuff is too important to have only learned it in grad school. We've gotta get into the lives of young people! I want to be like the cool woman who writes Scrutinies, haha.

I said when I started this blog that it was only because I had a job where I had nothing to do and a computer sitting in front of me. I admit it has been fun... though maybe not so good for the whole pride thing. But as long as I find a job to love, and live around people I love, and continue to write letters and keep up other random interests, I fully expect and hope to be much too busy to keep this up.

For those who I have enjoyed "getting to know" a little bit in this little world... Thanks! You're great. It would be wonderful if Providence would bring us together sometime on our journeys, and if not on earth I'm sure we'll hang out in heaven and laugh about how we used to comment on the other's "blog"- and laugh about the word "blog." I'll remember y'all.

And who knows, maybe I won't find a job. Or it will be boring. Or any number of things. So maybe it's not goodbye. In fact... this summer I'll be unemployed. Perhaps I'll have a lot to say. Anyway. That's enough sentiment for now. I hope to write a few more "real" posts before I go. Love ya! Let's be saints :)


Anne said... I'm sad. Because I still have a boring job and spend much time blogging and reading blogs, but now I won't have yours to read. Sigh. But I'm happy for you anyway! And oh so glad that I got to meet you in real time some months ago. Thanks for the inspiration and good reading! Let's do be saints!

+ Light + said...

I was unawares as to the starting point of this blog, but now I feel a mix of surprise and sorrow to learn of its closing stages. I'm so inspired by all of you wretched bloggers! It has helped me smile more and breathe easier to read such great witness and joy almost daily. Minimally I can say, thank you, sister earth, for your time given and gifts shared in your 'occupation.' I will continue to pray for your being and livelihood!
"There is a time for departure even when there is no certain place to go." - Tennessee Williams
Have a holy life!