Friday, May 05, 2006

Another Round Please

Part of being human is the longing for the infinite. There's this desire always lingering below the surface that everything good last forever. It's one of the things that buoys my faith and hope fairly often.

"If no one has promised you anything... why are you waiting?"
I am waiting for everything! I am waiting for the day when I don't have to leave a place with people that I love or watch people that I love leave. I am waiting to know that all these times when I leave a party earlier than I want to have merit somehow and I'm not just missing out. That as good as it is to be with people and laugh now, it will be infinitely better then.
"We always want another round," Fr. Antonio says. Just one more. The thing is, it doesn't matter how many there are... you'll always want another because what this world's got is never enough. It will never be enough.
I've been thinking about these things for obvious reasons, and fighting with the Lord about them (why does it have to be this way? this sucks!) but it's good. It's good to realize what's going on and hopefully it will make me cling tighter to Him who is hidden within all of these joyful moments, promising me a "forever".

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+ Light + said...

"as good as it is to be with people and laugh now, it will be infinitely better then" AhMEN Sister! I was just talking with a friend tonight about this - having to say goodbye (boo!) but knowing we all still commune together in the heart of the Church (yay!); and how the love & happiness that overflows when reuniting with dear ones on this planet is only a foretaste of The Joy to Come - in fact I've been wanting to write a song by that title to encompass all this experience and sentiment of bliss and merriment that will reach fulfillment in Heaven! but I am not very poetic nor prolific in my composing, so, alas it's another project in process. Reading your perspective on it has given me more to incorporate into the depth of the song, and also affirmed that this notion is a reality acknowledged by others! Thank you! Maybe the song will be in 'round' format, so we can just keep singing 'another round' of the verses continuously and never see its end - ha ha, jk.
Sometimes the "waiting" helps us appreciate more the 'event.' I find a little comfort too in Mother Teresa's words: "Don't be sad that it is over, smile because it happened." Yes, beautiful memories! - the promise of more to come! He is our Ultimate Delight!! "I enjoy the joy You joyously give away!!" to quote a song by an unknown band, Mirth. Thank You, Jesus!!!!!!!!!!!