Tuesday, February 28, 2006

Walk for Life

Check out the experience at the San Francisco Walk for life.
You know you're doing the will of the Crucified One when you're treated like Him. God bless them.

(Part III is a bit odd)


Sister Raven/ Allegra said...

I am not sure how I feel about this article - it seems like the author is just labeling people and further polarizing the issue. It looked to me like both sides want what is best for women and what is best for children. They are just taking VERY different actions to support their feminism. Can't we build on that similarity?

I would like to add that there were of course those who fell outside of the middle towards either extreme end - but it was just that - something that happened to BOTH extremes.

earthie said...

Well, it is a polarized issue. I think that what many of those pictures actually brought out, for me and others at least, is the evil on the pro-abort side. In other cases, I see ignorance, even a kind of good will (like you say, seeing themselves as supporting women as they see fit) but in those pictures I think it is hard to deny that there is something objectively evil there.

I'm sure that there were some people on the other side, but if you look at it, the pro-life walk was just that, a walk. They were just walking. Probably praying. There was no violence in them. I think what was most clear from the pro-abortion side was the willingness to resort to violence or aggression to get their point across.

I don't see very much similarity to build on here. It comes down to anthropological fundamentals: who is the human person? Does another have a claim on me or do I have radical autonomy? It's the difference between entire worldviews. More on that above.

Philothea Rose said...

wow...thanks for sharing this.