Monday, August 15, 2005

Points us onward

That's what religious life and marriage both do... religious life in a more obvious and in-your-face manner. What an awesome few days I had in Nashville! And I was certainly redirected toward the Lord and toward heaven.

Sitting around the table at the reception, we all just looked at each other. We sat there and... looked. Looked and smiled. Smiled and laughed. Laughed and looked some more. There were very few words exchanged the whole time, compared to most other social situations. As Storm put it, "There's too much to put into 20 minutes, so instead, it's better to just look at each other." We hadn't seen each other, many of us, in a year. So much had happened in the mean time: there was a whole new human being sitting with us that did not exist a year ago! And we had not one, but two friends from college who were now married to Christ in this community (simple vows) and another who entered on Sunday.

(B.N. Sr. Moon is the first to leave the wretches: she's in Nashville now!)

Much to be thought, prayed, and sorted through. But it made me feel more than ever the beauty of both states of life before me. They are so awesome! And while I still feel that religious life is not "mine", it does not cause the least bit of fear in me. I know that I would be happy anywhere. Wherever God calls me, it will be uniquely me and a (close to) perfect fit. Terry was made for that habit. She is more herself now than ever before. Likewise, Erika (Duck) and Todd (Toad) are uniquely for each other, and Miriam is a reflection of their love. After some recent discussion, hearing Duck-- one of the wisest women I know-- say that Toad is her "soulmate" and she can't imagine getting through without that was really good to hear.

I'll continue this later!!! And post pictures!

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Jen P said...

Found you via a comment on Scrutinies. What a beautiful reflection. May it remind me to think of my husband as my divinely-given other half, even when I don't much feel like it. Which, I guess, means being that person, too, when, like today, I don't feel like it.