Tuesday, August 16, 2005

N.I.C.U. Babies

about N.I.C.U.s.....
"Before birth, the baby and the mother are locked in an intricate dance. Each affects the hormonal behavior of the other. They move together, they share the same food and they may even share some of the same feelings. Little is understood about this complicated relationship, but even as more is learned, it is very unlikely that N.I.C.U. doctors will ever perfectly recreate conditions in the uterus. They would need not only a mechanical womb but also a mechanical mother with mechanical hormones and mechanical hopes and fears."
Since a couple of our wretches have been nurses at NICUs, I wonder what they think about it.
Imagine, a mother's body is perfectly designed to take care of the baby and technology just can't seem to reproduce that! What a shocker. As Dr. Schindler says, pregnancy is both a forming and a being formed... if one or the other is lacking, it causes a problem. Mama forms baby and at the same time is being formed by him/her.
I swear I'll be finishing the nashville post soon... and posting pictures too...

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