Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Wretched Reunion

March 13-16 was a Come & See weekend for the Sisters of Life and as an added bonus, a mini-reunion for several Wretches in various discernment stages. Pictured clockwise starting from the left is Shamrock, Fire (Rachel, S.V. postulant), Dawn, Light and Sr. Joan Marie (Rain).

Light was gracious enough to play the song she wrote inspired by St. Therese for all of us as it has become a favorite amongst the postulants (my apologies for the bootlegness of this video).

Our dear Rachel passed along an incredible piece of text written by our Holy Father Pope Benedict XVI on the root of our wretchedness,

"In what does man's wretchedness actually consist? Above all in his insecurity; in the uncertainties with which he is burdened; in the limitations that oppress him; in the lack of freedom that binds him; in the pain that makes his life hateful to him. Ultimately there is, behind all this, the meaninglessness of his existence that offers satisfation neither to himself nor to anyone else for whom it might have been necessary, irreplaceable, consequential. We can say, then, that the root of a man's wretchedness is loneliness, is the absence of love - is the fact that my existence is not embraced by a love that makes it necessary, that is strong enough to justify it despite all the pain and limitations it imposes...What man needs is a communion that goes beyond that of the collective; a unity that reaches deep into the heart of man and endures even in death. The human unity that man requires by nature must know how to answer the problem of death in which it must find its truest confirmation...Man cannot identify himself with God, but God has identified himself with man - that is the content of the communion that is offered us in the Eucharist. A communio that offers less offers too little."


earthie said...

Dawn you are so cool! I have no idea how you even got that thing in there and I am thrilled that I can listen to it anytime now.

+ Light + said...

Ditto Dawn! Thanks for posting the pic & video & quote from our blessed weekend!!! I'm actually a little sad that I don't have a vocation to religious life, because it would be a great joy to spend more time with, and as a Sister of Life!
For those interested, here are lyrics to the song, "I Live in Love," based on part of a poem by St. Therese of Lisieux - the song is definitely a beautiful blossom from above sent by the Little Flower! Sr. Mountain had given the prayer to Sr. Fire, who in turn gave it to me and asked if it could be put to music, so here's the fruit of her intercession:

1. To live in love is to banish all fear
All memory of mistakes of the past
I see no trace of my sins
In one instant, love has burned everything…

Divine Flame! O Furnace, so very gentle! I live in Love! Consuming Love!

2. In Your hearth, I base my strength
It’s in Your fires that I JOYously sing!


3* Lord, to dwell within Your blazing passion Purifies my soul!Trusted Heart, I give to You my own – Engulfed in fire, I am made whole!


…I live in Love! I’m in Love!!!

So Rachel had shared the song with the postulants last fall, which is why we sang it during our weekend there. One of the coolio-est aspects of singing it in that living room, is that we were seated right in front of a fireplace, with a crucifix hanging above it - it was all very St. Therese-esque!

Anonymous said...
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sarah said...

this song is amazing! Thank you! this made my night. You are gifted. God Bless

sarah said...

I love the Sisters of Life too. They are beautiful. this song brought tears to my eyes.

sarah said...

I love the Sisters of Life too. They are beautiful. this song brought tears to my eyes.