Monday, June 11, 2007

Un beluh ble

Letter to the Editor in the April 25th Washington Post:

"Where is the outrage over the Supreme Court decision banning intact dilation and evacuation? Why aren't women screaming in anger in the streets?
This decision by five male Supreme Court justices doesn't really mean anything about abortion rights. What it means is that women are less important than the fetuses they carry. To these justices, women are passive vessels for bearing the next generation.
I am a woman and a human, worth infinitely more than what the highest court in the land has deemed me to be: a semi-sentient being meant for bearing young and little else."
Lord have mercy. I'm a woman too, and I don't think there is anything "worth infinitely more" than bearing new life. I am blown away by her use of language there. Infinitely more. I just don't know about this world sometimes.

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