Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Like a Child

Grass and I went to a puppet show last weekend with these two precious 4 year olds. This was an old bumper car that they wanted to sit in.
One of the girls was staying with the other that night, and she kept asking, "Lacy, are you happy that I'm sleeping over at your house tonight?" If only we all wore our desire for the assurance that others love us on our sleeve like that!! Maybe I'll start asking everyone now, "Are you happy that I work here?" "Are you glad that I am living here with you?" "Do you like me?" "Do you like spending time with me?" Presuming that the answer is yes, we could all be much more secure and happy :) Now, whether adults can handle such honesty remains to be seen.
Do you like reading my blog?


Nathan said...

I don't think that it is a lack of honesty that keeps people from constantly seeking reassurance of love.

To tell a story, I once worked for a municipal government and there was a young lady who had the cubicle next to mine. The nature of cubicles being as they are, I over heard many of her frequent conversations with her boyfriend. Much of them consisted of her constantly demanding that he offer verbal evidence of his love for her. Now, it is important to be able to verbally express your feelings, but there was a frightening shrillness in her voice.

Her constant insistence on being told that she was loved seemed to make her less assured of it despite his answer.

I think that you have to walk a fine line. Perhaps there are times that friends need to be reminded that you need their affirmation, but too often and affirmation becomes something empty and insincere.

As far as if I "like reading your blog?" I think that you would have to define "like." I read occasionally read it, which is more than I can say of many.

earthie said...

Well I guess I would say that most of the people that I know are not *that* insecure, and that poor young lady probably needed a lot of healing that she isn't (ever) going to get from another human being. And that is sad and worth praying about.

What I saw in the little girl was at the same time a calm and happy self-assurance (she was not asking because she feared the answer was no) and also a totally honest checking-in.

I have another story that seems to pertain. (Storm- you might remember this) The day before a friend of mine was getting married, a bunch of us were hanging out at her parents' house and preparing things for the wedding. Her fiance called, and through many giggles, she asked, "Do you still want to marry me?" and then she announced to us all "He still wants to marry me!" Of course we all just rolled our eyes at her but it was also great. It wasn't insecurity, it wasn't naivete, it was just precious and childlike.

Kaitrin said...

grassy kait LOVES reading your blog!

dawn said...

you know i love reading everything you write :) speaking of, i came across the email attachment of some of your comp answers from last year - praise God for people like you (and all the JPIIers) that are able to explain these wonderful Truths of the Church!

Carla said...

YESH! (regarding your question.) :)

+ Light + said...

Yes, Earthie! I very much like reading your blog! I look forward to spending time with your thoughts. I am so happy, knowing that wonderful you is out there, being and living and writing and sharing! I do like you, and wish I could see more of you and spend more time with you!

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