Wednesday, January 03, 2007

Poor Clare Miracle

A joyful announcement of what the Lord gave one unofficial wretch (we think Sr. Flowers is a good name for her) who has been working to pay off her student loans to become a Poor Clare.

First, an anonymous donor gave her $10,000. The phone rang one day. Just like that.

Then, thanks to the persistence and love of her friends and the ministry she has been a part of- FOCUS missionaries from all over sent her money from their own pockets... adding up to $13,000!

God has all the money in the world. When He wants someone... let's thank Him and keep praying that she may enter soon!

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dawn said...

Sara! I got your message the other night and I was completely beside myself!!! He definitely provides the means for those whom He has called. Keep us posted when she has an entrance date. WOO! Praise GOD! :-D