Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Decorating the Basilica!

This year was the first year I got the "inside scoop" about decorating the Basilica for Christmas. It was such a joy!!! (See mention of decorating below) Poinsetta plants everywhere, real hay for the humongous Fontanini Nativity [which was an anonymous donation a few years ago] and lots of trees and lights. And of course, wonderful company like my favorite Dominican brother and the ladies of Monroe St. Hopefully one of my friends will send along the pictures from the sections we were in charge of so that I can brag even more. We got to do the "Flight to Egypt" which is one of my absolute favorite spots. It's an amazing operation, and I hope to make it an annual tradition!

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dawn said...

HOLY JEALOUSY! (if that's possible ;) It must be such a gift to be able to participate in that. I had a secret desire of wanting to walk around the top of the Basilica before I left, but alas God did not will it. Maybe in the future 0:)