Monday, September 25, 2006

The View

Well, inspired by Mrs Spice, I watched a part of "The View" that was on someone's blog- where Rosie says that "radical Christianity" is just as threatening as radical Islam "in this country, where we have a separation of church and state."

As one of the other ladies finally chimed in, "Radical Christians aren't threatening to kill us."

When you decide to follow your own truth, a lot of simply being able to see goes with it. I think most people, if they are thinking objectively, see a big difference there and it is striking that she would not. And that so many people in the audience clapped when she said it is disturbing.

But all that stuff aside, I only watched a few seconds before remembering why I can't stand watching The View in the first place: They all just talk over each other.

I haven't watched a whole episode in years, but I remember that, and saw it even in this short clip. It's all about what each woman has to say- they're not really listening to one another. This is not genuine conversation. I can't stand it! Yak yak yak- It reminds me of that song from The Music Man: pick a little talk a little pick a little talk a little cheep cheep cheep! talk a lot pick a little more.

What's the point? Bleh.

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dawn said...

Before Spice wrote her riveting post on The View, I too had watched an episode of it and was unsettled with what was being conveyed. And now reading your post I am reminded of how frustrating this situation is. Do these people not realize that thousands of people numbingly watch their show and accept what they say as Truth? Maybe that's why they do it or maybe there are good motives here, but still, I find my BP rising each time I happen across it. Good thing I don't have time for tv anyway.