Tuesday, November 08, 2005

Got nothin'

Not that there's nothing going on, but I just don't feel I have anything to "publish" for the world at large these past days/weeks/whatevers. Work is still slow, but I have had a bit more to do than usual, and have kept up with reading other blogs and news stories, so it hasn't been too painful.

I performed for the first time in front of people on Saturday (sang/played guitar). Well, let me be more specific. Put me on stage in front of 500 strangers, and I'm like a fish in water. Put me on one side of a living room full of people I know and I feel paralyzed. It's always been that way, so I usually avoid that kind of performing, but now that I've done it perhaps next time it will be easier. I got to talk with some really cool people, hear Dan's discernment story and a couple's engagement story (on the feast of the exaltation of the Holy Cross... awesome!)so it was a nice night. Good people, good tea, and great music.

Well, hopefully I'll have something of substance sometime in the future, but no promises.


Devin Rose said...

Earth, I recommend you do like I do when I really don't have anything to say--post anyway!

Seriously, when I can't think of anything of general interest or keen insight, I just try to think of something small that happened during my day and post about it.

Daniel Vitz said...

Glad you enjoyed my story, Earth! God bless...