Saturday, July 29, 2006

Roomie needed?

Hello Dearest Sisters,
Greetings to all of you out on the East Coast from a Sister up West in Seattle. A friend of mine at Catholic - who is not formally a Wretched sister but is surely at least a candidate - is looking for housing for the coming school year. If any of you are either yourselves looking for another roommate or know of anyone who is searching please let me know. CUA dorms of off campus housing.
Peace and love to you all.
Sister Raven (allegra)


Anj said...

There's always Centro Maria, if she doesn't mind a curfew and the shady neighborhood. It's a really good place with pretty good food. Sr. Dove/Erin O can give details. ;)

-Sr. Iguana (Angela C)

Storm said...

By the way, how do you like Seattle? It's one of my possible Places To Live When I'm Not Living In DC Anymore, Which Will Hopefully Be Soon.

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