Friday, January 20, 2006

give me a break!

one of my patients yesterday was a woman, not old, age 56, who was essentially dying of pancreatic cancer. she was extremely ill in almost every system and organ of her body as they were shutting down. intense suffering--iv's and tubes in every orifice, but Lord, a SMILE on her face. and such appreciation. amazing appreciation. "thank you" she said when i gave her a heparin INJECTION. "thank you" she said when i gave her mouth swabs to get the medicine out of her mouth, and again when i pulled the covers back up, and AGAIN when i turned the light off. she is on the verge of death, yet so full of life! i said, thank YOU. but i wanted to say--your attitude is remarkable and beautiful and let me know if i can get you anything. a foot massage. a gingerale for your chronic nausea. anything. i want to give you your life back.

she's an honorable lil'wretch. (although-- her wretchedness is like extremely small in scale, and i'm not even kidding) shall we name her? Sista Night (is there one?) because she is beautiful and dark like the night and she'll soon be going ni ni with God(!)

i said goodbye and her phone rang. as i walked to the door to leave she answered with "Good Morning, it's a Beautiful Day" --- chillgiving. absolute amazing grace.


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Kait - Thank you for sharing that with us. Just beautiful...I have been reading about those who receive the Stigmata and I am struck with awe at their willingness to suffer as our Savior did, all with no complaint. My mind just can not comprehend the amount of physical suffering people endure daily, yet through it they are being united even more closely to the life and heart of Christ. It's all too much at times...I will pray for her and her family that this cross she bares will be lifted and she will enter into eternal rest quickly.

Our Lady of Sorrows, pray for us.